Paleo Challenge update

Published September 25, 2014

So it has almost been two weeks of the paleo challenge and so far everyone has been doing great!

We still have a few athletes that need to enter in their WODs, measurements and bodyweight. If you havent already done that than you want to make sure to do that before Oct 1.

Our best athlete overall with the most points is Nadine! She has 180 points - Congrats!

Our diet break down is as follows

Total "paleoness" 94%

Our best time of day for being consistently paleo is breakfast with 98% paleo

We are struggling with Dinner - 91% and Evening - 87%

Overall everyone is doing well it is important to not fall off the ban wagon after two weeks. You need to keep up the enthusasim as this is when it starts to get tough.

It will be come easier though as you get use to it.

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